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sexy music and love

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if music be the food of love, play on... [Feb. 28th, 2005|09:47 pm]
sexy music and love
[Current Mood |hornyhorny]

lets get to know you...

name: stephanie
how old are you? 14
location: palm harbor, fl, usa
sexual preference: straight
occupation/school: palm harbor high school
tattoos/piercings? ears (i want the middle of the ear like libby)
do you play any musical instruments, if yes, which?no
do you write, draw, dance, etc.?if yes, show us. yeah, no.

favorite (you can put more than one)
color: green
smell: vanilla
animal: jaguar
location: new york
store: the clearance store (cuz im a jew)
movie: dawn of the dead
tv show: family guy
actor/actress: sarah michelle geller
book: among the hidden
constellation: big dipper
kind of music: rock
word: grrrr
quote: "lalalalala"
name: crystal

least favorite:
color: yellow
smell:bad breath
animal: hmm i love all animals
location: florida
store:the big dipper
movie: i, robot
tv show: uhhh... lizzie maguire
actor/actress: hilary duff
book: lord of the rings
constellation: little dipper
kind of music: country
word: sexy
quote: "thats hott"
name: sarah

time to rant!!
favorite bands: korn, papa roach, skindred, the beatles, the strokes, metallica, remembering never, drop the box, godsmack
favorite singers: brandon flowers, julian casablancas
favorite lyrics: "i tear my hear open, i sew myself shut. my weakness is that i care too much. my scars remind me that the past is real, i tel my heart open just to feel"
hated bands:i dont really hate any
hated singers: cant think of any righ tnow
sexiest famous people: george clooney, nick valensi, johnny depp
sexiest non-famous people:john j., jeff c.
least sexy people: alex fletcher, nick cheek, sam f.

your opinion on(can be short):
oregami:its cool
carrot juice: never had it
shiny, sparkly things: oooooooh shiny
starbucks:ahhh *orgasm*
cell phones: i need one
things that look soft but aren't once you touch them:ouch!
eyeliner: good topoint out things
colorful mascara: good sometimes
bondage: whats that
santa clause:
emo kids:
michael jackson:
preppy kids:
figure skating:
3 or more pictures of you:
3 -6 more pictures of the sexiest people:

eek! ill finish filling this out later

From: jeteseduirai
2005-03-01 02:49 am (UTC)

i would have accepted you anyways, stephy, lol.

*muah* LiBBY
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