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name:  bradley richard beyer how old are you?  20, 21 on… - it's the sex... you know it is. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
sexy music and love

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[Mar. 1st, 2005|12:19 am]
sexy music and love
name:  bradley richard beyer
how old are you?  20, 21 on april 3rd

sex: male
location:  safety harbor
sexual preference:  heterosexual
occupation/school:   assistant manager at 7-eleven
tattoos/piercings?   2 on each ear, soon to get my lip again
do you play any musical instruments, if yes, which?   sadly, i don't
do you write, draw, dance, etc.?if yes, show us.  i write in my livejournal

favorite (you can put more than one)

color:  green
smell:  banana
animal:   cheetah
location:   alone
store:   target...
movie:   the princess mononoke
tv show:   [adult swim]
actor/actress:  hmmm... alot of em?
book:  michael crichton
constellation:  err
kind of music:   rock, gothic
word:   word
quote:   i have alot of quotes, depends on my mood
name:   not sure?

least favorite:

color:   pink
smell:   you
animal:   spiders
location:   drew st/us 19 n
store:  porn stores
movie:   hmmmm
tv show:   everything else
actor/actress:   dunno
book:   ?none
constellation:  dont care
kind of music:  RAP
word:  ...silence?
quote:   eh?
name:   daniel

time to rant!!

favorite bands:   NIRVANA, STAIND, MARILYN MANSON...
favorite singers:  Kurt Cobain, Aaron Lewis
favorite lyrics:  depressive stuff
hated singers:  RAPPERS
sexiest famous people:  i wanna make out with Avril
sexiest non-famous people:  none, you all suck
least sexy people:  PARIS HILTON

your opinion on(can be short):

oregami:   interesting
carrot juice:   ew
shiny, sparkly things:  could be interesting
starbucks:  sexy
cell phones:   <3
things that look soft but aren't once you touch them:  ummm wtf
eyeliner:  <3
colorful mascara:   <3
bondage:   with a girl... it could be fun but never done it
marriage:  seems like a dream
fashion:  punk/goth/combo
santa clause:  hah, sweet
emo kids:  funny
michael jackson:   innocent
fire:  FIRE!@
preppy kids:   eh...
suicide:  tried many times and still do
malls:  fun to party there
sharpies:   <3
abortion:  legalize
figure skating:  got a club? ;)
scandal:   sex scandals?

3 or more pictures of you:   sooon
3 -6 more pictures of the sexiest people:   soon

From: jeteseduirai
2005-03-01 05:53 am (UTC)

hey brad, loves ya <3
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